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Oil Nepal app

Medical Assistance at the Palm of your Hands

Oil Nepal is an app that provides information about doctors and Hospital. It improves care, provides health-related information, and helps patients manage their own health. Its a digital platform

Oil Nepal is an intermediate between healthcare services and theirs patients. It enables a digital platform to enhance healthcare visibility and convenience via the internet and smartphones.

Through Oil Nepal, patients can book the online appointment with the registered hospitals within the app. Hospitals can seamlessly integrate online appointment booking systems.

Detailed Information about Hospitals and Doctors

Oil Nepal App provides information about the Doctor Name and Specialties so the patients know the details before going for the appointment. Also, can get information about the list of the hospital at which time with which doctor.

Search nearby Pharmacies

It provides information about the Pharmacy contact and LocationPatients can visit the nearest Pharmacy in Emergency or can contact them.

Online Doctors Appointment

Patients can directly book the online appointment of the doctor by filling some personal information in the App. By booking the appointment through Oil Nepal App, patients can avoid unnecessary queues and save their time.

Quick access to Emergency Contact

It provides contact of emergency services including Ambulance, Funeral vehicle, Blood bank etc. For additional queries, the user can call or text the support using the app as well.

Appointment Reminders

The application helps Patients to remember appointment dates with the doctor or to visit hospitals.

Never miss a Pill again with our Medicine Reminder feature

Users can set reminders for multiple medicines in the app. The user can enter their schedule of medicine intakes and get reminded at a particular time of the day.

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