GA Builders

Constructions can be Beautiful

the story

G.A Builders is an innovative construction company in Nepal, which provides services ranging from design to construction of various scale. They have been actively engaged in catering to the needs of both the private and public sectors.

They wanted to showcase their projects and their construction capabilities through their website. So, they called the team from Beetech Solution to develop a modern but elegant looking website and highlight their projects and capabilities.

scope of work

User Experience Design, SEO, Content Writing, Support


Design, Website, Content, Documentation

the solution

G A Builders already had a website they wanted to rebrand themselves from a housing company to a construction company. They changed their name from G A smart housing to G A builders. Their old website was service centric. They needed a revamp. They had redesigned their logo to reflect their change.

We redesigned the homepage to focus on their projects. Their most interesting and important projects are some at the top.Their forte has been developing projects for NGO, INGOs etc which has been emphasized in the design. Likewise, In project details brief of the project and actual work has been shown through the gallery in masonry layout.

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