Healthy Retinas, Brighter Tomorrows

the story

The Nepal Vitreo Retina Society (NVRS) was established by a group of Vitreo- Retina specialists with the overarching goal of advancing and improving healthcare services pertaining to the retina. Recognizing the need for modernization and enhanced effectiveness in this critical field, NVRS is committed to fostering collaborative study, research, and professional efforts among dedicated retina specialists. Through organized efforts, NVRS aims to safeguard the professional rights and interests of doctors in the Vitreo-Retina healthcare sector. In accordance with the Organization Registration Act 2034, NVRS is a non-profit professional social organization dedicated to the development and efficiency enhancement of retina specialists and the expansion of retina-related healthcare services

scope of work

Brand Identity, Support, Project Consulting


Responsive Website, Designs, Training Video

the solution

The website of the Nepal Vitro Retina Society is a bespoke online platform with the primary objective of facilitating research, as well as promoting, safeguarding, and advancing professional rights within the realm of eye health services. We have thoughtfully incorporated user-friendly pages to provide easy access to comprehensive information pertaining to NVRS. We have incorporated individual member information along with registration particulars for individuals seeking to become part of NVRS

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