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the story

Aero Nepal is a travel company with 15 years of experience in Nepal. They have always been focused to deliver exceptional service offers the lowest possible rate and to gain clients confidence. They wanted to make it easier for the client by making an app for their company, so the clients can know the information of the package of travels and tours also the features of flight enquiry in the App

Aero Nepal is trying to sell their selected package through the App to their loyal customers. They wanted both IOS and Android target audiences in the USA.

scope of work

Project Consulting, Design


IOS and Android App, Admin panel, Prototype

the solution

Aero Nepal is mainly sold on inbound packages for Nepal and the target audience for were the clients from the USA. They had a specific customer base, therefore, to target them, there were a handful of packages that had to be shown in the app, along with the activities they could do while they are in Nepal. The major requirement was to make it offline and it had to be cost effective. The app is to be used by their loyal customers, and Aero Nepal had to send some push messages for marketing their offers and best packages

The clients needed the app to be in both IOS and Android, therefore, flutter was chosen for the development and flutter was chosen as a development platform. The user interface is optimized to showcase the packages that were popular, along with the option to subscribe to offers. And for queries, the user could call or text the support easily which had been placed in the top bar. There were various tweeks done in the design to make the app easily accessible.

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