Nepal and Vietnam: Bridging Cultures, Building Futures

the story

NVCCI is established so as to play a crucial role to boost up economy of the country, drive to promote signification or commercial exchanges and economic co-operation on mutual benefit based on between their members. Likewise, by establishing bilateral relationship between different chambers, federations and their member companies NVCCI is assisting its members to link with the Vietnamese counterparts. Maintaining reciprocal trade and business cooperation, market research missions and helps each other has been proved beneficial in exploring business and promoting mutual trade, commerce, economic cooperation, industrial collaboration, tourism promotion investments, joint venture activities.

scope of work

User Experience Design, SEO, Content Writing, Support


Design, Website, Content, Documentation

the solution

The NVCCI aspired to develop a website that would elucidate the intricate ties between Nepal and Vietnam. Their primary objectives included disseminating their newsletter, featuring news updates, and showcasing events pertaining to the Nepal-Vietnam relationship. Furthermore, they sought to create a website that would facilitate registrations from individuals across diverse industries.

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